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Computer Applications


Course syllabus with description and outline
Course pre-test
List of all course assignments. For exact due dates please check Infinite Campus

Computer Hardware

Building your own computer worksheet

Operating Systems

Exploring Windows 7 download zip file worksheet
E mail activity



Chapter 1 review questions Microsoft office basics
Chapter 2 review questions Using a word processor
Chapter 2 Using a word processor Exercise samples 1 5 6 7 Data files 7
Chapter 3 review questions Formatting documents
Chapter 3 Formatting documents Exercise samples 2 5 7 11 12 Data files 2 5
Formatting activity "Moon Landing" support video
Chapter 4 review questions Advanced formatting featuers
Chapter 4 Advanced formatting features Exercise samples 2 6 data files 2 6
Citing resources data file support video
Word unit test review "Newsletter" sample requirements, support video
Word unit test Part I "written"
Word unit test Part II "Application" text   pic 1   pic 2   pic 3  


Introduction to Excel activity
Chapter 5 review questions Using a spreadsheet
Chapter 5 exercise 3 sample, support video
Chapter 5 exercise 4 sample, support video
Chapter 5 exercise 7 sample, support video
Chapter 5 exercise 13 sample, support video
Chapter 6 review questions Functions and data organization
Chapter 6 exercise 2 support video
Chapter 6 exercise 4 "Car Loan" Payment function support video
Formula exercise download
Stock Market game rubric support video
Introduction to charts rubric support video
Chapter 7 review questions Creating charts
Class statistics activity rubric support video
Excel quiz review
Excel quiz rubric data file image
Chapter 7 exercise 2 sample
Chapter 7 exercise 14 sample data file
Real estate activity sample support video
Excel unit test review data file
Excel unit test written portion
Excel unit test application portion data file image


Chapter 9 exercise 5 "messages" data file support video
Gadget sales data file new retailer production memo tiny toys support video
Student database scoreing rubric support video

Power Point

Introduction to Power point rubric and directions
Survey and presentation rubric and directions student survey link
Take a student survey link
Chapter 12 Review Questions link
Chapter 13 Review Questions link
How to presentation link

Semester Final

Written questions
Applied portion directions excel data file word data file picture