Graphic Design Module


·        Perform basic organization tasks like proper file naming and saving.

·        Students will understand different graphic file types and correct situations for use.

·        Understand basic design principles and be able to apply them.

·        Develop an understanding for appropriate color usage.

·        Students will learn the layout an operation of Photoshop.

·        Use Photoshop tools to create artistic effects on your project.


1.     Watch introduction video into Graphic Design (6:31)   VIDEO

2.     Open up the module questions. If you are working with a partner make sure to but both names in the blank. Use FireFox so you can save your answers if you don’t finish.   QUESTIONS  Use the video below in step 3 to help you with the questions.

3.     Watch this video along with the module questions. It is titled “Graphic Design for Beginners”. It will provide vocabulary, and concepts to help you get started.  VIDEO


4.     After you have completed the questions it’s time to starting using Photoshop. Open the Photoshop by using the start menu.


5.     This VIDEO will walk you through some tutorials I want you to try.  On some of the activities I want you to use your own photos, but some of the activities I will provide the photos. Save the completed photos in your Tech Lab folder.


Activity 1 Removing blemishes woman face Watch from 2:30 to 6:15  make the picture look good and then save it into your personal documents > graphic design  Call it “activity1” and save it as a .jpg file.

Activity 2 Applying filters Watch from 6:30 to 7:10.  Find your own picture off the internet and apply some different filters to it. I used the cutout filter on my sample.  Save it into your folder as “activity2 and save it as a .jpg file. Set up a before and after of the filter you used. My sample filter.

Activity 3 Layers and fixing over and under exposed pictures. Watch from 9:00 to 14:20. Fix the underexposed and the overexposed pictures and save them into your folder as “activity3-a & “activity3-b” save them as .jpg files.

Activity 4 Removing and moving something from a photo. Watch from 14:24 to 19:37 boy with mom photo. You are going to make 2 photos from this. One will be removing the boy completely from the picture, and the other one is to move the boy from the right side of his mom to the left side of his mom.  If the dog gets in the way, just cover up or blend the dog out. Save these photos as “activity 4-a” and “activity 4-b”.  Save them as .jpg files.


Activity 5 You are going to create a playing card from a blank document.  You will be using : magic wand tool, layers, text, paint bucket, colors, and rotate. Watch this VIDEO to see how to create your own playing card. Save picture into your folder as a Photoshop file so I can see the layers. My sample

Activity 6 In this activity you will get practice saving different file types and sizes. Usually file size of a picture has a direct relationship to it’s physical size. Photoshop files tend to be larger than other formats like .jpg, .gif, .png,  etc….   Find any appropriate picture that you like from the internet and open it in Photoshop. You don’t have to do any photo editing, but you are going to save your photo 3 different ways:

Activity 6-A as a Photoshop file
Activity 6-B  save as a .jpg file so it is between 600-800 kilobytes (kb) Increase or decrease the quality to make it fit.
Activity 6-C  as a .png file

Activity 7 You will be working with Photoshop to practice with opacity, layouts and planning. Look at my sample to see the finished product.  To start, find and download 2 photos that you want to use. One will be your background photo, and the other will be your character photo that you will repeat 10 times. I used Raiden, chose something you like. Watch this video to help you complete this activity.

Activity 8 Using Photoshop you are going to design a large scale banner. Check out the SPECIFICATIONS to see how you will be scored. Watch the VIDEO to help you get started. My sample. When you are finished ask the instructor for the flash drive so it can be printed full size. You can choose not to have yours printed.