Video game design Module


        Familiarize yourself with game design and programming terminology.

        Learn how to navigate the game maker software interface.

        Understand and applyX, Y coordinates using the grid.

        Apply different type of graphic images to a game.

        Create a working game using Game Maker Software.


1.     Complete the pre-test questionnaire found here

2.     Watch the video about game design. It will explain the job qualifications and requirements of a game designer.Video is 7:35.


3.     If you have extra time at the end come back and watch this video. This video goes into more detail about what it takes to be a game designer. Itís an interview with a game designer and goes into depth about the occupation of game design.22:11.


4.     Using the text book, complete the vocabulary and terminology questions found here. This will help you understand the icons and terminology used when making your game.

You will use pages 3-23 to help you find and define the vocabulary. The questions with the icons will be found by using the game maker software found on your desktop. You only need to complete one set of questions per group.Make sure to put both names on the questions.



Watch the video game overview


5.     You are now going to use the workbook and Game Maker software to completeyour first game. Open up Game Maker Studio. It will be found on your desktop or in the programs on your computer. The icon will be the same as the icon found at the right of this paragraph.


6.     When the software opens up, you will click on the tab at the top that says NEW. Create your game right on the desktop. Under project name, put your first and last name. Your Project directory will look slightly different than mine.

7.     Turn to Lesson 3 found on page 24. This will be the game you are going to create. The software we are using is newer than our workbooks, so some of the wording may be a little different.


8.     Follow the step by step tutorial to create your own game.

Important! There is just one change from the directions. I want you to create your own background in Photoshop with your name on it somewhere.Look at my sample to the right.Your game dimensions are going to be640 px wide x 480 px tall, so your background picture should be the same.


9.     Important! Near the end of page 36. The workbook gives directions on how to score points. We have a newer version of the program, the method they tell you to use does not work. Watch this to see how.


10.  Go through step 131. On page 41.   

11.  There are a few game progamming items that are mentioned in the book directions that may not be very clear. If you need additional help reference the video tutorials.

Adding text to a room or background video tutorial

Going to the next room and keyboard / cheat keys video tutorial

  12.             Check the scoresheet to self assess your game.

13.                        Write your reflection statements.


14.                        This concludes the Video Game Design module.