Video game design Module II


·        Create animated objects from a single picture

·        Create projectiles in your game.

·        Understand what an origin is and be able to change it on a sprite

·        Apply different types of graphic images to a game.

·        Apply a lives system to your game and create an end when lives = 0

·        Create multiple motion paths for your game.

·        Use spawning technique to add difficulty to your game.

·        Use trouble shooting to improve the game play of your game.


1.     Watch the introduction video that shows a description of the game you will be making.

The game will looks something like the picture below when it is complete.


Description: F:\Tech Lab\master copies\VideoGameDesignII\screenshot.PNG


2.     This game module is longer and much more challenging than the first game you created. You will need to be able to read directions carefully and improvise when necessary. Due to the length there will be no questions for this module, just the game.


3.     It is recommended that you use your own flash drive for this module. If you do not have a flash drive you can get one from the instructor.


4.     Directions start on page 64. Make sure to download all the resources for this game. I have  provided all the resources you will need, but if you want to find or create your own resources you are more than welcome.  DOWNLOAD resources for your game.


5.     Start by opening game maker and creating your game.  Create your game on the flash drive. Mine is drive F:\  in the picture below. It is likely yours will look the same.


6.     You will start on page 64 and work through page 86.


7.     Design your game so the level of difficulty is appropriate. One way to do this is by changing the speed of your motion paths.


8.     The software we are using is much newer than our books. Below are some areas where you may have to improvise.

·        Scoring

·        Lives (set your lives to 3 in a “game start” action)

·        High score table (pg 79) skip this part. Our software does not include this.

·        Instead of using an “end game” action simply program the UFO object to be destroyed after lives are gone so you can see your score before the game closes.

·        You do not have to use the X,Y motion paths. Just create your own.


9.      Self assess with the score sheet to make sure you meet all the requirements. Show your game to your instructor for evaluation. 


10.                         Write your reflection statement.


11.                         This concludes the Video Game Design module II.


There is an extra credit opportunity of 75 pts if you complete the mapping coordinate activity starting on page 53. Ask your instructor for some graph paper.