Video Production Module


        Students will be able to understand and demonstrate correct operation of the camera.

        Use a digital video camera to film footage using proper shooting techniques.

        Able to upload video footage from the camera onto the computer.

        Able to load footage into the video editing software.

        Perform basic editing techniques using video editing software.

        Apply simple special effects to video footage.

        Students will be able to produce a video using the green screen technique.


1.     These directions will take you step by step to help in completing this module.


2.     Watch these short introduction videos to help you understand some basic shooting techniques and camera operation.

1. Basic shooting tips (3:17) 2. Video camera basics (4:51) 3. Production tips (2:06)


3.     Complete the Video Production QUESTIONS. Use the text to help you complete. I have some hard cover books otherwise use the digital copy. Chapter 1 Chapter 4 Glossary


4.     Activity 1 Video Shots REQUIREMENTS VIDEO Your first video project will be related to some of the questions that you just did. You are going to record different types of shots and then upload the footage to the computer in the correct place. There will be some basic editing and creating text media. Watch the informational video above, it will provide information and how to get started. You will be using a program called Sony Vegas.


5.     Activity 2 Special effects REQUIREMENTS VIDEO Create a folder called special effects inside the folder you already created in Drive2. In this activity you will be adding some special effects to your video in Sony Vegas. You can use footage that you previously shot, or use some of my sample footage that is already loaded onto Drive2. The process of creating a new project will be the same. Watch the informational video above to see how to apply special effects. Your clips should only last for around 5 seconds, and have text media that identifies the special effect used.


6.     Activity 3 Green screen / Chroma key REQUIREMENTS VIDEO
Your group is going to make a video using the Chroma key process. This process plays 2 videos simultaneously and blends them together so it looks like they are the same video. The technical side is not too difficult, but it can be hard getting your 2 videos to match up. This activity also involves a little acting. Start by choosing your idea and then find a quality video that will match. You can look at my collection of sample videos, make your own, or find one on YouTube. The primary goal is to make the finished product look realistic. Lastly write a script down on paper before you start filming so you have an idea about what will be said. The last part is the filming itself. You will film next door in the room with a green screen. My SAMPLE (kind of lame)