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Web I
Tech Lab
Computer Applications

Web Design I

Course syllabus with description and outline
Student websites


Internet technology


Internet terminology X word puzzle




List of HTML tags
What is web design video
What is html and how to use Notepad ++ video
HTML tutorial video 1 sample (10 pts)
HTML tutorial video 2 sample (10 pts)
HTML tutorial video 3 sample (10 pts)
HTML tutorial video 4 sample (10 pts) Use my samples if you don't have your own.
HTML tutorial video 5 sample (10 pts)
HTML tutorial video 6 scoring (60 pts)
HTML lists rubric
HTML tables rubric
HTML hyperlinks rubric
HTML hyperlinks II rubric demo Video
Web images worksheet Demonstration Video
Creating your website profile picture rubric
Video Using FTP to upload your web page
Video Upload content to your website using Dreamweaver, view settings
HTML Unit Test




Download browser reset style sheet
Introduction to Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver Project 1 pg 1 view sample
Dreamweaver Project 2 pg 9 view sample
Introduction to C.S.S. view sample 2
Dreamweaver Project 5 pg 39 View sample
Dreamweaver Project 6 pg 49 View sample
Dreamweaver Project 7 pg 59 view sample
Dreamweaver Quiz
Dreamweaver Quiz2 download image




Layout planning assignment
Div layout practice activity


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)


Deeper understanding of CSS sample and directions starting file support video
Using custom fonts on your page




Introduction to Flash sample X O song paper demonstration video
Masking sample 1 sample 2 tutorial
Working with layers sample pencil image tutorial
Extra credit write your name sample
Fog effect sample tutorial
slideshow sample tutorial
Water ripple effect sample tutorial
Uploading flash media to your website video



Written questions portion
Applied portion: sample page